coal ash


After decades of burning coal to make electricity, Dominion Energy is left with massive amounts of ash containing toxics compounds that can pollute water.  The company says it would be very expensive to move 25 million tons of the stuff from ponds along the James, Potomac and Elizabeth Rivers. 

Now, however, Dominion has discovered a big market for coal ash – one that could help to offset the costs of clean up.

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Lawmakers are in Richmond this week to figure out what to do with industrial pollution created by decades of fossil fuels.

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Lawmakers in Richmond have punted a permanent solution on coal ash until another year. Coal ash the byproduct of coal burning power plants. Across Virginia, the ash sits in ponds as lawmakers and Dominion Energy work out how best to get rid of it.

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One issue that’s on the agenda for the upcoming General Assembly session is dealing with decades of pollution, a problem that could potentially divide Democrats.


Scientists have discovered a particle, created when coal is burned, that had never before been identified as part of that process. Preliminary studies show it is toxic to some fish. And there’s concern it could also be dangerous to humans.