Confederate Monuments

Listen: On Monuments, Race and Reconciliation in Richmond

Sep 17, 2017
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In Richmond this weekend a small Confederate heritage rally brought out hundreds of counter protesters. While there were plenty of shouting matches and chanting, many Richmond residents watched more quietly, thinking long and hard about Confederate monuments in their city.

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A small rally of Neo-Confederates was overwhelmed in Richmond Saturday by hundreds of counter protesters. Police had prepared for the worst but the event ended quickly, and peacefully.

Richmond Preps for Pro-Confederate Monument Rally

Sep 14, 2017
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Richmond is preparing for a pro-Confederate monument rally organized by an out-of-state group. The event is scheduled for this Saturday at at the Robert E. Lee Monument. Organizers have refused to cancel despite a ban from the state.

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Cities across the country are grappling with removing Confederate symbols. And perhaps nowhere is Confederate past and present more intertwined than in Lexington. Jessie Knadler looks at how the issues that spilled over into violence in Charlottesville last month have been playing out in Lexington for years.

AP Photo / Jessica Gresko

City officials from Charlottesville will be back in court this week as part of their ongoing effort to remove the controversial statue of Robert E. Lee. But, as Michael Pope reports, they now have a new advocate in their corner.