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Representative Bob Goodlatte will not run for reelection and will retire from Congress. 

Virginia's Congressmen Take Different Approaches to Constituent Demands

Feb 23, 2017
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After a whirlwind first month of the new Congress lawmakers took a recess this week, and many are facing the music back home. Constituents have gotten vocal, and are demanding face time. 

Virginia Senator Helps Upgrade Cyber Command

Dec 9, 2016
Patrick Semansky / AP


As worries mount about Russian hacking and cyber-crimes, leaders in Washington - including Virginia Senator Mark Warner - are taking new steps to fight a virtual war online. Michael Pope has the story.

After a crushing loss in the presidential election last month, Democrats are gearing up for the future. They’re planning to focus on ‘down ballot’ races in order to have a better shot at winning the numbers game in state voting districts. They say Republicans have controlled the process for drawing those districts, known as Gerrymandering, for too long.         

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Congress has now gaveled out of session until after the election, but that doesn’t mean they finished all their homework. Virginia’s lawmakers have played a key role in negotiating an overhaul of the nation’s criminal justice system. 

But for the time being, that bipartisan effort has stalled out.