Online School can mean Unique Challenges for ELL Students

11 hours ago
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Even though schools are closed for the rest of the year, teachers are trying to keep their students engaged through distance learning.

Many districts are going online. But the shift might be especially challenging for English learners. 

Virginia's reported COVID-19 case count grew by more than 800 over the weekend.  And deaths caused by the illness increased to 54.

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Any one charged with a crime in Virginia is entitled to a speedy trial. But, a speedy trial in the age of coronavirus is proving to be a challenge.

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State officials are still pleading for supplies to help fight the new coronavirus, and a Charlottesville doctor is doing her part.  Her actions could help medical professionals nationwide.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is instituting a hiring freeze of state employees and is telling agency heads to look for ways to cut budgets in response to the coronavirus.