New Laws & Pandemic Create New Questions for Immigrants

Jul 1, 2020

New laws that directly apply to immigrants in Virginia took effect Wednesday.

But many are unsure about their rights under the changes and how using COVID-19 relief programs can impact their legal standing.


Virginia will enter Phase Three of the governor’s reopening plan Wednesday.  That means larger gatherings and fewer restrictions on businesses.

But a health official in the Roanoke area says the reopening process is changing the face of COVID-19.

Virginia’s statewide COVID-19 numbers have been trending down over the past few weeks.  That’s encouraged state officials to ease restrictions on businesses and gatherings.

But the numbers in much of the southwest part of the state have been heading in the other direction, which has health professionals worried.


Virginia is considering strict new workplace safety requirements for businesses that are now reopening. And, the proposed standard is controversial in the business community.


Before COVID landed us in a state of partial lockdown, social scientists reported a psychological condition called FOMO – fear of missing out on exciting or interesting happenings, fed by photos of others having fun on social media.  So what happened when all those activities shut down?  That’s what researchers at UVA’s graduate school of business decided to find out.