Criminal Justice

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Virginia’s government watchdog agency has investigated complaints about the state Parole Board and found “substantiated” allegations but is withholding further details about its work, citing an exemption in the state open records law.

One of Virginia’s largest prisons – and the only one operated by a private, for-profit company – has water today after a week that saw shutoffs, flooding and a brawl that sent two inmates to the hospital. 

Danielle Wright

For the last three months, inmates in Virginia prisons have had no visitors and spend most of their time in cells or pods.  Educational programs and group therapy are canceled, and sources tell RadioIQ that fights and protests have broken out.  Now, some prisoners are taking their situation to court.

Innocence Project

Update: One day after Radio IQ reported on his case, the state announced it would free 40-year-old Rojai Fentress. He was convicted of a murder and locked up for 24 years even though another man confessed to the crime in 2014.

Calls to defund the police are echoing across the country, but where should the money go?