Cyber Security

Louisa County Public Schools

With about 35,000 tech security jobs available in Virginia, a small rural high school plans to launch a cybersecurity academy, and it will get a big grant from the federal government to do so. 

Robbie Harris

Of all the ground-breaking innovations Internet technology has brought to the workplace, the best may be, that today’s I.T. employees can be based anywhere.  And that means more high-tech jobs in rural communities, far from the cost and crowds of big cities. A Blacksburg cloud computing company just broke ground on a second building for its growing workforce, more than doubling its work space. And it’s looking for hundreds more employees.

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The potential trade war with China over its suspect phones is raising alarm about an even larger issue for cyber security.  It’s not only Huawei that poses a threat, it’s pretty much any device made with computer chips manufactured overseas, which is just about all of them. 

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The state of Virginia is taking steps to become a leader in cyber security. And it's asked Virginia Tech to spearhead the effort.   

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Tuesday is Election Day in Virginia. Voters will be selecting candidates for November’s Congressional midterms. Officials have been prepping to make sure voting systems are secured against cyber attacks.