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Dem's Primary Debates Come Early and Often This Year

5 hours ago

It’s not just the winter holiday season that seems to come earlier and earlier.  Now it’s that American electoral exercise, known as primary season. As Robbie Harris reports, this time is different.

Never before has there been a field this large of presidential wannabees. This part of the election cycle used to be called, the invisible primary stage, before things really got underway in January.

Democrats now have a slate of candidates heading into the fall election that may not be as progressive as some would like.  But that might end up helping them in the fall.

AP Photo / Cliff Owen

Democrats are eager to fight for the blue-collar voters who once made up the core of their base, voters who sided with Trump last year. Now they have a new platform of issues to attract those voters, and Democrats chose Virginia as the staging ground to launch that attack against the Republicans. 

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Democrats are only weeks away from selecting their candidate for governor, and Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam and former Congressman Tom Perriello debated for the first time over the weekend. 

A Richmond judge has ruled a group of Virginia state senators in contempt of court -- for failing to turn over documents that could be helpful in an ongoing lawsuit.