A federal appellate court vacated a key permit granted to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, saying Tuesday that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provided no specific limits for the allowable impact on threatened and endangered species.

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The rise of solar electricity presents a good of problem to have. There is lots of power while the sun shines, but almost no way to save it for a rainy day. 

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As the federal government looks to roll back the Clean Power Plan, Virginia’s Governor is stepping in. Terry McAuliffe says the state will plow forward on its own to lower pollution, and combat climate change. 

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Sparks Protest in Buckingham

Sep 27, 2016

About 150 people came to a meeting of the Buckingham County Planning Commission Monday to protest Dominion’s plan for a compressor station that would push natural gas through the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  Sandy Hausman reports on why area residents are worried and what the company had to say.