Driver's Licenses Suspensions

David Seidel/Radio IQ

Thousands of Virginians have already applied to have their drivers licenses reinstated.  And the program is only days old.

More than half a million people in Virginia with outstanding court fines are about to get their driver’s licenses back. That’s thanks to a budget amendment from Democratic Governor Ralph Northam that was approved Wednesday by a Republican-led General Assembly.

MBandman / Creative Commons

Lawmakers will return to Richmond this week to finish up some loose ends from this year’s General Assembly session. And one issue that is expected to be at the top of the agenda is suspended drivers licenses.

More than 620,000 Virginians have lost their driver’s license, because they couldn’t afford to pay court fines or fees that had nothing to do with driving. Today, Governor Northam announced a plan to restore driving privileges.

A proposal to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia is all but dead.

A Republican-controlled committee in the House of Delegates voted down the gender-equality measure Friday.