Economic Development

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Oklahoma state officials recently won half a billion dollars from Johnson & Johnson. The landmark opioid payout could just be the first. Many states, including Virginia, are investigating pharmaceutical companies for their role in the opioid epidemic. 

Virginia’s Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission could serve as an example for how to make payout money last. 

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Richmond City Council is considering a $1.5 billion development deal that would reshape much of the city’s downtown. The proposal has been more than a year in the making. 

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Virginia ranks in the top ten states in the country for quality of life, but according to a recent report by the United Way, nearly 60% of households in southwestern Virginia can’t make ends meet. With coal no longer ‘king,’ area leaders are looking to transform the region through tech. 

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Richmond’s mayor announced plans Thursday for a $1.4 billion dollar downtown redevelopment project. If approved by City Council it would include a new arena, retail space, and affordable housing.

For many years, Southwest Virginia has struggled as the coal industry shrank and much of the manufacturing sector left the region.

But now, Southwest is making a comeback.