Election 2016

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Rich people and poor people often end up voting the same way, depending on where they live. But a new analysis of voter data from the election shows some parts of Virginia are divided along class lines. 

Could Unfaithful Electors Sway the Election?

Dec 16, 2016

Virginia’s 13 members of the Electoral College are slated to meet Monday in Richmond, determining the outcome of the presidential election. 

Mallory Noe-Payne / WVTF

It's been just over a week since Election Tuesday, and it's time to wrap up our series Virginia Votes. We're checking in once more with voters across the commonwealth, to see how they're feeling about the next four years. Today we hear from liberals and conservatives, who say the issues at stake this year were not so different than previous elections. 

This election year has been one of anger and dismay, but at the polls this morning, Sandy Hausman found moods to match Virginia’s mild, sunny weather.

What to Expect at the Polls Today

Nov 8, 2016

Today’s the day - and if you haven’t voted already, you might not know what to expect when you head to your polling place.