Election 2020

Candidates in a competitive race for Mayor of Virginia’s capital city met for a forum Tuesday night. They sparred over police accountability and management of City Hall. 

The candidates running in the 6th Congressional District in western Virginia met virtually for a debate Monday afternoon.

Incumbent Republican Ben Cline and Democratic Challenger Nicholas Betts both said overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic was the most important issue facing Congress but they differed on specific steps.

Candidates for the United States Senate are not perfect.

In fact, some of them even admit when they’ve been wrong.

Bob Good

The race for Congress in Virginia’s Fifth District gives voters a real choice between two very different candidates.

Cameron Webb

The Fifth Congressional District, which runs from northern Virginia to the North Carolina border, was drawn to benefit Republican candidates.  In 2016, Donald Trump got 53% of the vote to Hilary Clinton’s 42%. 

This year, however, the Cook Political Report rates the congressional race a toss-up, with Democrat Cameron Webb trailing Republican Bob Good by a single point in the latest poll.