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Who are the people running against all those incumbent members of the Virginia General Assembly this year? And just how rich are they?

Steve Helber / AP



Republicans have controlled Virginia’s House of Delegates for almost two decades.  At the height of their power they outnumbered Democrats two-to-one.

But shifting demographics, and a fierce backlash to President Trump, has put the party on defense.

The 2018 election is now in the books. But get ready for the next election cycle because the primary is only about seven months away.

You might think of Congressional districts as fixed regions in their states, but they actually shift and change over time. In some cases, it’s due to redistricting, or its more partisan version ‘gerrymandering.’

Congressional districts also shift because of the party affiliations of the people who move in and out of them.  A new interactive congressional map recently went 'live', where you can see those shifts over time, all the way back to the very first congress and all the way down to your home district.  


Candidates for the competitive 5th Congressional District met in rural Madison County Thursday night for a debate. Both candidates agree healthcare and the economy are top issues for the area.