Elections 2019

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The last time there was a state house race in Newport News it ended in a perfect tie. The winner was chosen by drawing a name randomly from a bowl. 

Now, two years later, the race is a rematch. But are people paying attention?



Followers of politics may be focused on the 2020 Presidential election, but here in Virginia there’s still 2019. In one month all 140 state lawmakers are up for election and party control of the state house is at stake. 

Courtesy of Care in Action

A national group that represents home healthcare workers has jumped into politics, and one of their first investments is here in Virginia. 

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A GOP state lawmaker says he’s willing to step aside as a candidate, if it means voters in his district can get a Republican on the ballot. The election in central Virginia could impact party control of the statehouse. 



A lot is at stake for Virginia this November, when all 140 state lawmakers are up for election. Democrats are hoping they can take control of the state legislature for the first time in decades. But first, they have to choose the right candidates for the job.