Food Insecurity

Chuck Kennedy/Virgnia Tech Photo

One in three college students in this country does not get enough to eat every day. And that statistic is from before the pandemic.

Food insecurity on campus has been a hidden problem for a long time and Virginia Tech is stepping in to help.

Food Access for Students

Food insecurity has become more of a problem, for more people, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s something many don’t want to talk about. 

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More than half a million children in Virginia are now eligible for extra dollars to help pay for food. It’s part of a pandemic benefit program from the federal government. 

With Schools Closed, Communities Pitch In to Feed Kids

Mar 18, 2020
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Now that Governor Northam has shut down schools to stem the outbreak of COVID-19, there’s a push across the state to make sure children who rely on subsidized meals don’t go hungry.


Many schools around Virginia try to attract students from low-income families with scholarships, grants and loans – but with the cost of living going up, some of those kids run out of cash.  That’s prompted universities to open food pantries.