State lawmakers will head back to Richmond August 30th for yet another special session. Politics watchers don’t expect anything groundbreaking to happen anytime soon.


Heading into this year’s General Assembly, Democrats were hopeful they’d get major movement on the issue of gerrymandering. That’s when politicians draw district lines to favor themselves. Now, as session wraps up, there’s been little progress on the issue.

Now that Virginia’s House of Delegates' elections appear to have been confirmed, there’s just one more round of state congressional elections before it’s time to redraw legislative districts. Whichever party wins also wins the right to control the process.  But could it be time for that much maligned, partisan ritual to end? 

Anti-Gerrymandering Lawsuit Moves Forward in Virginia

Feb 28, 2017
Virginia Public Access Project


A lawsuit against Virginia’s House of Delegates for how they drew district lines back in 2011 will be moving forward. A judge in Richmond ruled today to not dismiss the case.

After a crushing loss in the presidential election last month, Democrats are gearing up for the future. They’re planning to focus on ‘down ballot’ races in order to have a better shot at winning the numbers game in state voting districts. They say Republicans have controlled the process for drawing those districts, known as Gerrymandering, for too long.