Gun Rights

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After a mass shooting in Virginia Beach last month, Governor Ralph Northam said he would call state lawmakers back to Richmond to discuss gun violence and common sense ways to prevent it. 

He had offered several bills them during the last legislative session, but none was approved. 

Now, however, advocates believe Northam might actually succeed.

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Lawmakers are about to return to Richmond for a special session focused on guns, a move prompted by the recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Commonwealth University

The General Assembly will consider several pieces of gun safety legislation. But, a poll from Virginia Commonwealth University shows Virginians don’t have a clear-cut opinion on some of those issues.

On Monday, House Democrats outlined a set of legislative proposals dealing with gun safety. They say the measures are focused on saving lives.

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Much has been made of the role that campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association has on elected leaders in Washington. Money is flowing on both sides of the gun debate, however.