Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

Bird lovers are celebrating this spring with the arrival of terns and gulls that traditionally nest on an island off the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel complex.  Construction threatened to displace them, but the state has created new habitat that’s proving popular.

Virginia Tech

Birders are celebrating today, after Virginia’s governor announced migratory species would be protected by state law. 

The decision came after the Trump Administration said it would no longer honor the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.  And the Department of Transportation paved traditional nesting grounds as part of the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel expansion.

Virginia Tech

Bird lovers are gearing up to protect the state’s largest sea bird colony -- asking Governor Northam to step in and protect the nesting grounds of gulls and terns that have raised their chicks near the Hampton Roads Bridge and Tunnel Complex for decades.

Virginia Tech

Virginia’s Department of Transportation has now paved an island where about 25-thousand nesting sea birds and their chicks have spent spring and summer.  It’s not clear what they will do when they return from their winter homes, but state officials are now considering creating an island for them.

Sandy Hausman/Radio IQ

How Green is Virginia’s governor?  That was the question as he celebrated the installation of solar panels on a state building in Charlottesville.