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Of the nearly 45,000 people who hold a Virginia medical license, only about 8% identify as African American.  And that percentage is even smaller among younger physicians.

University of Virginia

When actress Angelina Jolie learned she was at high risk for breast cancer, she opted to have both breasts removed and reconstructed.  Since then, many women who are not at high risk have, nevertheless, followed her lead. 

Now, a PhD candidate at the University of Virginia’s School of Nursing hopes to reverse that trend.




An outbreak of mumps at an immigration detention center in Virginia is growing. Authorities say there are now 24 confirmed or suspected cases at the Farmville facility. That’s up from 16 cases last week. Immigrant advocates say it’s part of a larger problem.

Irene Mathieu

During his campaign for governor, Ralph Northam appeared in a TV ad, holding an African-American baby.  The message was that Dr. Northam – a pediatric neurologist – cares deeply for kids, regardless of race.  That made the picture in his medical school yearbook doubly shocking, but a fellow doctor said that that racism is not uncommon in the medical profession.

Historians are people who document history, but what’s a healthstorian?  In this case, it's a project documenting people’s health, and health care in southwestern Virginia.