MBandman / Creative Commons

The Trump administration wants to build a new detention center for children in Northern Virginia. And, the idea isn’t all that popular in the region.


This past weekend undocumented immigrants across Virginia braced for raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. As of Tuesday those threats appear not to have materialized. Still advocates say there’s been an uptick in safety checkpoints. 


Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is now the acting director of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and that’s riling even some Republicans in the Senate.




An outbreak of mumps at an immigration detention center in Virginia is growing. Authorities say there are now 24 confirmed or suspected cases at the Farmville facility. That’s up from 16 cases last week. Immigrant advocates say it’s part of a larger problem.


Frustrated by the federal government’s failure to fix this country’s immigration system, some people are doing what they can at the  local level. 

In Charlottesville, for example, voters are urging the local jail board to stop calling ICE agents when an undocumented person is being released. 

Board members are expected to vote on the issue later this month.