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A law firm has completed its investigation into how a racist photo appeared on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's yearbook page 35 years ago, and is expected to release the results on Wednesday.

We’ve long known that some diseases run in families, but in only the last few decades, have we been able to identify specific genes that may pre-dispose someone to a specific illness.  What to do with that kind of information remains a very personal question, raising new issues about not only choice, but how we talk about those decisions. 

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May is National Teacher Appreciation Month. But here in Virginia, some worry about the the profession of teaching.

Dallas Ducar

More than 7,000 students were at John Paul Jones Arena this weekend – collecting a diploma from the University of Virginia.  Among them, Dallas Ducar who had two previous degrees from UVA.  This one was especially meaningful – marking an academic and personal triumph.

Campaign-finance numbers show several members of the General Assembly need to play catch up now that the session has ended.