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This week lawmakers gaveled in, and gaveled out, of a reconvened special session. It was an example of how Republican leaders, since losing the majority in November’s elections, have abandoned efforts to pass legislation addressing gun violence.


The Kaiser Family Foundation says on average kids between the ages of 8 and 18 spend more than seven hours a day staring at a screen. That’s often at the expense of playing outside. 

Here in Virginia, one group hopes to lure children back to the fields, woods and streams.

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About a decade ago, Virginia abandoned the estate tax. Now, some are hoping Democrats bring it back.

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The Global climate strike is galvanizing college campuses all over the country to work for climate justice. A new group at Virginia Tech recently presented a list of six demands to university officials for action.

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The newest exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond takes experiential art to a new level. The museum has recreated a famous painting of a hotel room, where guests can actually spend a night.