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Are colleges and universities in Virginia equitable? Or should the federal government be doing more to achieve racial and income equity?

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This weekend the Boulevard, a historic road through Virginia’s capital city, will be renamed to Arthur Ashe Boulevard. That’s in honor of the tennis great and humanitarian who was born in Richmond. Ashe died in 1993, and attempts to honor his legacy have been long in the making.


Climate change is a sobering subject. And with national gridlock on the subject, some people have simply turned away, but others are organizing at the local level. In Charlottesville, for example, several competitions are underway to make eco-friendly change easy and fun. 

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How safe are elections? As the 2020 presidential cycle gets started this summer, Virginia lawmakers in Washington have proposals they say would make elections more secure.

Cyber Security Red

The potential trade war with China over its suspect phones is raising alarm about an even larger issue for cyber security.  It’s not only Huawei that poses a threat, it’s pretty much any device made with computer chips manufactured overseas, which is just about all of them.