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The Chesapeake Bay Executive Council met in Maryland today. Virginia’s Governor was there, along with state leaders from Maryland and Pennsylvania. The council meets each year to discuss how best to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, and keep it that way.  

Artist: Steve Penley

The Ellet Valley near Blacksburg Virginia has been called one of the most beautiful you’ll ever see.  It’s where the late, former president of Virginia Tech, Marshall Hahn and his family lived for decades.  His grown children still live there, carrying out their parents’ legacy and creating their own.


Virginia is preparing to take in horses and other animals from areas hit by Hurricane Dorian, and officials won’t require the usual paperwork to assure pets and horses are healthy. 

Brady-Handy photograph collection, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division

The name Jefferson Davis is slowly being removed from public highways. But the civil war of old names remains an open conflict.

In 1962, a 35-year-old physicist from Kentucky became president of the university we know today as Virginia Tech. The late Marshall Hahn was a maverick, who brought change to a mostly male, mostly white, southwestern Virginia military school.

Hahn died in 2016. His daughters live on the family property, much of which has been protected from development by conservation easements, which the family put in place decades ago.