Martinsville Mustangs

COVID-19 has changed the world of sports. But there is some baseball being played in Virginia.

After a late start, collegiate players on the Martinsville Mustangs started regular season play early this month.


Virginia will enter Phase Three of the governor’s reopening plan Wednesday.  That means larger gatherings and fewer restrictions on businesses.

But a health official in the Roanoke area says the reopening process is changing the face of COVID-19.

Embracing Black Owned Businesses

Jun 23, 2020
Cat Modlin-Jackson

As people across the world took to the streets to declare that Black Lives Matter, the owner of a small bookstore in Martinsville shared a message that rocked the internet.

Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ



As the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus continues to rise, RADIO IQ has been on the look-out for stories of hope and resilience. That’s when a message popped up in our inbox, an invitation to a unique church service.

Sandy Hausman

Like many cities in southside Virginia, Martinsville lost thousands of jobs as tobacco, furniture-making and textiles left for places where labor was cheaper, but as those industries went away, a new one grew up thanks to one man with an idea.  It's now the largest indoor fish farm in the world.