Medicaid Expansion

Remember those work requirements Republicans insisted on before passing Medicaid expansion?

They haven’t been implemented yet and the governor’s office is still negotiating with federal officials to strike a deal.

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Since Medicaid expansion began in January more than 300,000 Virginians have gotten health insurance. They’re visiting the doctor, getting prescriptions filled, and even accessing cancer treatment.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is able to get an appointment.

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More than 300,000 Virginians have something today they didn’t have this time last year -- health insurance through Medicaid. Lawmakers lowered the requirements for the state-run health insurance program in January. 


Virginia does not currently have work requirements for people who receive health insurance through Medicaid expansion. But, that might change after a court challenge this fall.

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The crisis of maternal mortality among African-American women in Virginia continues to raise alarm bells among state officials, although a new report has some good news on the subject.