Medicaid Expansion

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Virginia is moving forward with a plan to implement work requirements for Medicaid. Lawmakers got their first glimpse of details for the program during a Senate Finance committee meeting in Richmond Thursday.

Earlier this year, Republicans and Democrats finally cut a deal on expanding health insurance to people who live in poverty or with disabilities.

But the key to cutting that deal is now at risk.

Beginning next year, hundreds of thousands of Virginians who can’t afford health insurance will have a new option: Medicaid. That’s because state lawmakers expanded the program this year. One of the top concerns for the state agency that runs Medicaid is outreach.

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Hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia are about to gain access to health insurance through Medicaid. But will they be able to find doctors?

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When black women give birth in Virginia, they are far more likely to die as a result of the pregnancy than white women.