Medicaid Expansion

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Lawmakers won’t be tackling the issue of Medicaid expansion for another two weeks, when the state Senate is to reconvene and negotiate the budget. But activists are trying keeping up the pressure.

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The gallery of Virginia’s State Senate was filled with supporters of Medicaid expansion Wednesday as lawmaker gaveled in for a special session.


State legislators will be working on the budget, as well as deciding whether to expand health insurance to the poor. The final decision on could still be weeks away, but advocates still made an effort to have their voices heard.

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When the Affordable Care Act became law eight years ago the premise was simple: healthcare for everyone.

But for years that premise hasn’t become reality. In part because Virginia, along with 16 other states, opted not to expand Medicaid. Now state lawmakers are headed back to Richmond for a special session that could reverse that course.

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As Virginia considers expanding Medicaid this week, many people are looking to the experience of other states. Have any of the 33 states that expanded health insurance for the poor and the disabled come to regret the decision?

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Virginia is one step closer to expanding Medicaid Friday, after a couple key Republican Senators broke rank and announced support for the health insurance program.