Family histories aren’t always reliable.  Memory plays tricks, and some relatives are prone to boasting, but one suburban Richmond man now has proof.  His dad was telling the truth when he boasted about a famous jazz musician who wrote him a song. 

Bach on the Banjo

Nov 5, 2020
John Bullard

Most classical music was written for instruments that evovled in Europe.  The banjo, on the other hand, comes from Africa and is central to the sound of American bluegrass.  Now, a Virginia man brings those two traditions together as Sandy Hausman reports.


With the pandemic putting an end to lots of human activities that bring us joy, plenty of people have contracted a case of the blues, but at the University of Virginia some students are hoping to help with a new service based on an old idea – the singing telegram. 

Virginia Tech Photo

A performing arts professor at Virginia Tech has created a free, open- sourced music making program designed for these times. It brings physically distant musicians together to jam like there’s no pandemic.


A young man from Emporia, Virginia is one of the nation’s top ten gospel singers according to judges of the BET show Sunday Best – a program where gospel singers compete for a prize of $50,000 and a recording contract.