Native Americans

For the first time, Virginia Tech is joining other schools, cities and states in officially celebrating ‘Indigenous People’s Day’ every year on the second Monday in October. 

There will be programs, speakers and activities offering a new look at American history, through the eyes of a culture that has witnessed all of it.

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In Central Virginia, at a point where two rivers merge, there’s a little-known site with great historical value. For centuries, it was home to the chief village of the Monacan Indian Nation. 

But today the Monacan Tribe is fighting to keep the area untouched as officials in Fluvanna and Louisa Counties push to put a water pump there. 

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Virginia has a new memorial at Capitol Square in Richmond. It’s a tribute to Virginia’s native tribes. Called “Mantle,” the memorial was dedicated at a ceremony Tuesday morning.


Earlier this month, Virginia hosted a Native American film festival called Pocahontas Reframed.  Sandy Hausman reports on the movies, the filmmakers and why organizers thought Richmond the perfect place for such an event.