Oral History Project

An oral history project at Virginia Tech offers glimpses into the lives of people here; some we may not have heard of, and others we certainly have.  Today it’s Frank Beamer, yes that Frank Beamer who coached and played Virginia Tech football and became an icon in this town and beyond. 

“There’s two times it’s hard to be a head football coach: when you’re really young, because until you’ve been a coach and had some experience, people are reluctant to take a young guy and make him a coach. And then, when you get older.”


Now's the time when many people are heading off to college. They may be the first in their family to go. And they may not know yet, what they want to study.  But, not to worry. It’s nothing new. 

A Virginia Tech history professor is holding an oral history day next week to record people’s accounts of their lives in southwestern Virginia’s Montgomery county. And you’re invited.