Cynthia Settle

Governor Northam has suspended a policy that allowed strip searches of minors visiting state prisons after a disturbing incident at the Buckingham Correctional Center.  That’s where an 8-year-old girl who’d come to see her father was told she must undergo a search or be barred from future visits. 

It turns out she is not the only one complaining about the treatment of visitors.

Tim Wright

In Virginia, about 4,000 inmates are vets.  Providing medical care for them is expensive, but the state refuses to take prisoners to VA hospitals where they’re eligible for free treatment, and it doesn’t take them to physical exams required to collect the benefits they’re entitled to.

Dave Nakayama / Creative Commons

Virginia does a thorough job of inspecting local and regional jails and investigating deaths inside those facilities.

But a state review finds better coordination could improve oversight of the jail system.

American Academy of Dermatology

It’s been a rough summer for residents of the state’s 18 prisons that lack air conditioning.  Inmates say temperatures inside often exceed 100 degrees, and last week those housed at the Buckingham Correctional Center had a new complaint.

Nicole Danso

People locked up in at least 17 prisons around the country are in the midst of a three-week strike – organizing sit-ins, refusing to work or eat.  Virginia says no prisoners hereare taking part, but Buckingham prison is on lockdown, and one inmate at Red Onion is in solitary confinement after trying to organize a prison reform movement from the inside.