Jahd Khalil

As they listened to the judge read out the verdict in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, people gathered at Richmond’s monument to Robert E. Lee called it a small victory, but with a qualification.

Virginia Holistic Justice Initiative

Virginia spends over a billion tax dollars each year to lock-up more than 37,000 people in state prisons.  Almost as many end up in local and regional jails.  

In Richmond, a team of young volunteers set out to change that situation. 

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File

Between an unclear supply of the newly approved Johnson & Johnson Vaccine and patients’ worries about its effectiveness, the Richmond and Henrico Health Districts are adapting their vaccination plans.  

Authorities in Virginia’s capital city are reminding people to leave their guns at home if they plan to protest outside the statehouse.

Jay Paul

As the nation prepares to start inoculating Americans for COVID-19, public health experts worry that many people distrust the vaccine. 

The problem is especially serious among African-Americans.  During slavery and the Jim Crow era, Blacks were subjected to medical experiments without their consent, and after death their bodies were stolen from graves for use in medical schools in Richmond and Charlottesville. 

A new book details those abuses and one modern-day nightmare at the Medical College of Virginia.