Roanoke County

The Changing Role Of Libraries In Virginia

Nov 23, 2017
Jason Fuller

The kids are probably out of school for a few days this week.  For some families, that might mean finding some distraction at the local library.   With so many other avenues for reading and buying books, not to mention other entertainment choices, have public libraries lost their significance in 2017?

Milken Family Foundation

One Virginia teacher got a very special surprise today — a $25,000 teaching award to be used in any way she wants. 

CPOA / Creative Commons

Being a police officer has always come with some risk, but now it comes with cameras watching almost every move. One case of lethal force, even when it’s legal and right, can touch off complaints and protests. It may cause someone planning a career in law enforcement to have second thoughts. That’s not the case, however, for some new Roanoke police officers.