Courtesy of the Science Museum of Virginia



It’s been thirty years since The Discovery Channel began airing its infamous Shark Week. To celebrate, the Science Museum of Virginia is hosting a bunch of FIN-tastic events.

Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond will give more resources to community college students, who transfer to the university studying in STEM fields. That’s thanks to a new one-million dollar grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Blowing the lid off the Flint Michigan water pollution crisis was a watershed moment in this country.  It began as a crusade, first, just to prove there was a problem and ultimately, for public officials to address it.

Hachette Press

A new book, co-authored by a Virginia Tech biologist, about-- well let's call it the aftermath of digestion, made it all the way to the New York Times' best sellers list. 

Virginia Tech

In our increasingly technological society, science is a major source of new information, especially in a place like Blacksburg, where Virginia Tech is coming up with scientific discoveries all the time.  But if all that new knowledge is not communicated clearly, does it make an impact?