Senator Tim Kaine

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

As the vote nears for Senate confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, both of Virginia's senators are now announcing their intention to vote no.

A Virginia distillery got some unexpected attention this week when Senator Tim Kaine held up a bottle of its whisky in Congress. He was making a point about the effects of the Trump administration’s trade war.

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Congress doesn't have a reputation for managing money well. But these days it seems like lawmakers are unwilling — or unable — to balance the checkbook on time.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

The campaign for U.S. Senate in Virginia has some seriously lopsided fundraising totals.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

Voters are only a few months away from primary elections that will shape the 2018 race. But, Republicans are having a hard time attracting candidates who can raise enough money to take on Senator Tim Kaine.