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More than 10,000 homes in Virginia have solar panels, according to the Department of Mines Minerals and Energy. Proponents of renewable energy say those numbers could be higher and Virginia law is partially to blame. 


Now there’s an effort to get more houses, schools and governments connected to the solar grid. 

Secure Futures Solar

Of  about 2,000 schools in Virginia, only 86 have installed solar panels. Still, a non-profit in Charlottesville says there’s been dramatic growth, and those schools are seeing significant savings. 

Appalachian Voices

 A new solar electricity project will soon get underway in southwestern Virginia…the first ever to be built on abandoned mine land in the area....perhaps the country.  It marks a new day for energy in the region and, its creators hope, for the economy as well.

Jimmy Davidson Appalachian Voices

A group of Communities in southwestern Virginia created a plan a couple of years ago to bring more solar energy to the region. And it appears to be working. 

National Renewable Energy Lab

There are now more than 250 solar companies in Virginia – making and installing panels to generate power.  Prices have fallen 43% over the last five years, and many companies have pledged to get all their electricity from renewable sources soon.  There is, however, considerable resistance to so-called solar farms.