Southwest Virginia

Walter Smith

Far Southwestern Virginia has long been what’s called, an ‘extraction economy,’ where coal and other resources are dug up and shipped out.  Now, local leaders are looking to a new attraction economy, based on Eco- and Agri-tourism, and all that comes with it.

Kurt Holtz

Lately there’s been a growing outcry about how eating meat is bad for the planet. But a new breed of regenerative farmers say, exactly the opposite is true. They argue, that an age-old farming practice known as rotational grazing, if more widely adopted, could actually save the planet, by sequestering carbon, restoring depleted soil and producing more nutritious meat than conventional farming. It’s all about how the animals are raised.

Appalachian Voices

 A new solar electricity project will soon get underway in southwestern Virginia…the first ever to be built on abandoned mine land in the area....perhaps the country.  It marks a new day for energy in the region and, its creators hope, for the economy as well.

Jimmy Davidson Appalachian Voices

A group of Communities in southwestern Virginia created a plan a couple of years ago to bring more solar energy to the region. And it appears to be working. 

Community Farmer’s markets bring a bounty of locally grown food, and cottage industries to town.  And these small business owners often have a special kind of dedication to their customers, their employees, and, in this case,  to the welfare of people they don’t even know.