Southwestern Virginia

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The potential trade war with China over its suspect phones is raising alarm about an even larger issue for cyber security.  It’s not only Huawei that poses a threat, it’s pretty much any device made with computer chips manufactured overseas, which is just about all of them. 

Brandon Jutras

With temperatures in the U.S. on an upward trend, so is Lyme Disease. The ticks that carry it thrive in warm, wet environments and it’s expected that some 300,000 people will contract the disease this year.

Now, new research out of Virginia Tech is showing promise for better diagnosis and treatment.

Kay Edge, Virginia Tech

A new kind of wood is taking root among forward thinking designers and builders. It’s a called cross laminated timber, CLT for short.  The blog, Tree Hugger calls it a ‘dream material’ and Architect Magazine says it’s a trend to watch.

Courtesy SWVA Economic Forum

Virginia ranks in the top ten states in the country for quality of life, but according to a recent report by the United Way, nearly 60% of households in southwestern Virginia can’t make ends meet. With coal no longer ‘king,’ area leaders are looking to transform the region through tech. 

Virginia Tech

After many years as an illegal crop, Hemp is back in Virginia, and this time, it could prove to be even more versatile even than ever.  Researchers are finding new ways to use this easy to cultivate, renewable resource.