Celebrating Women as Agents of Change

Mar 6, 2020
American Press Association/Library of Congress

Communities across the world will celebrate International Women’s Day on Sunday.

In Richmond, the Virginia Museum of History and Culture will open an exhibition that pays tribute to those who’ve led the fight for women’s rights.

Task Force Plans to Mark Centennial of 19th Amendment

Jan 6, 2020
Library of Congress

2020 marks 100 years since the federal government legalized women’s right to vote.

As plans to observe the anniversary get underway, other historic moments for women are on the horizon in Virginia.

Saving the History and Heroes of Social Welfare

Nov 13, 2017
American Labor Museum

Every picture tells a story. That's why Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries and partners from across the nation are creating the Image Portal, an online collection focused on social reform and social welfare -- things like prohibition, women’s suffrage, civil rights and immigration.  Sandy Hausman has details.