Tim Kaine

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Virginia Republicans hoping to upset Hillary Clinton's former running mate in a U.S. Senate race heaped praise on President Donald Trump at a debate Thursday while arguing over who would be more loyal to the president if elected.

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Democrat Tim Kaine lost the last election he ran in, as Vice President on Hillary Clinton’s ticket. But he’s hoping to win the next one: his reelection bid to the US Senate.

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A Republican Delegate vying for Senator Tim Kaine’s job offended Democrats last week with a speech he gave on the floor of the General Assembly. Democrats punched back during floor speeches Monday.

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers from Virginia are upset over the Interior Department’s plans to open up waters off the East Coast to oil and gas drilling.

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Six Virginia Native American tribes are cheering. After a twenty-year effort, the United States Senate unanimously approved legislation that recognizes the Commonwealth’s tribes.