Tim Kaine

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Virginia Beach Congressman Bobby Scott is stepping up his fundraising efforts and forming a new political action committee. It’s the clearest sign yet that he’s angling for the Senate seat that might be vacated by Tim Kaine if he becomes vice president. 

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Democratic Congressman Bobby Scott is ramping up his presence on Capitol Hill, appearing at a Hillary Clinton campaign event this week and sending new fundraising emails. Michael Pope has this look at his campaign finance record. 

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Hillary Clinton’s selection of Tim Kaine includes more than the junior senator from Virginia. It also includes the senator's wife, who was until recently the Secretary of Education — the only person to ever grow up in the Executive Mansion and then return as an adult.

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Virginia’s junior senator made such a splash at Wednesday’s convention of Democrats that other states are laying claim to him and offering advice to Virginia’s senior senator.

Tim Kaine's Position on Open Government

Jul 27, 2016
Associated Press

Now that Senator Tim Kaine has joined the presidential ticket, his long public career is receiving new scrutiny. One aspect of that career is Kaine’s record on open government.