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Estimating the cost of major transit projects can be difficult. And a new federal report points to Virginia as an example of how cost estimates can be dramatically wrong.

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State officials announced a new partnership Monday, aimed at getting breathalyzer technology ready for wider commercial use in vehicles around the Commonwealth.




In 2016, there were more than 2,000 crashes on Interstate 81. To help prevent more accidents, lawmakers in Richmond are considering ways to pay for improvements to the highway.

But the first suggestion - a regional gas tax - has already gone down.





Drivers in Northern Virginia are being hit with tolls for a one-way trip that are about as much as a tank of gas.

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A new study confirms that the number one cause of traffic accidents is distracted drivers.  But it’s not only texting behind the wheel that’s to blame.

We’ve all heard the warnings about as texting or talking on the phone while driving.  But a new study cites another important factor in car crashes, the driver’s emotional state.  

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found emotionally agitated drivers had ten times the risk of a collision says Mindy Buchanan-King, Director of Research communications at VTTI.