Tree Sitters

Appalachians Against Pipelines

On November 13, a court gave tree-sitters protesting the Mountain Valley gas Pipeline, four days to end their action and come down. They have not. On Novermber 19th,the same judge found them in contempt of court with a fine of $500 a day, every day they remain. 

Tree-sitters in the southwestern Virginia woods, protesting the Mountain Valley Pipeline for more than 800 days, have been ordered by a judge to leave their encampment by Monday. 

Kurt Holtz

Construction continues on the Mountain Valley Pipeline in southwest Virginia, but several challenges to it remain unresolved. One that is still up in the air-- tree sitting protestors in Elliston. 

They’ve managed to hold their ground in an encampment along its route for almost a year, preventing construction, at least for now, in one small mountain hollow.