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You might not expect a professor of engineering to report advances in medicine, but at the University of Virginia that’s what’s happening.  Daniel Quinn might revolutionize care for people with asthma.

University of Virginia

Humans depend on six senses to help them navigate the world – sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste and our sense of position and movement.  Now, a scientist at the University of Virginia is suggesting we may have a seventh sense – a theory that has landed him on the cover of Scientific American and Nature magazine. 

His discovery could have important implications for the treatment of diseases, including Alzheimer’s and autism.

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Views about race relations remain incredibly complicated in America, even a year after the riot in Charlottesville.

Extensive access restrictions and weapons prohibitions in downtown Charlottesville go into effect Friday evening.

Dan Addison, University of Virginia Communications

Is there a link between Autism Spectrum Disorders and what’s in the gut of the mother? 

New research from the UVA School of Medicine suggests that connection.