Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

The number of shark attacks on the east coast has increased, but experts say we shouldn’t blame them. 

The problem, they claim, is the human population keeps growing, and more people are going to the beach. 

And sharks are themselves under attack. 

With New Research Ship, VIMS Steps Up the Science

Nov 19, 2018
Pamela D'Angelo

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science is stepping up the science behind managing state fisheries, as well as research on how the planet is changing with a newly built 93-foot, state-of-the-art research vessel, the R/V Virginia.

Pamela D'Angelo

Last year, a scientific report put some astounding numbers to crab pots lost by watermen and the subsequent economic loss when they become death traps for crabs that wander in and can't escape.

Now, a committee of federal and state crab scientists say those numbers were overestimated.

Virginia's Barrier Islands Are on the Move

Jan 27, 2017
C. Hobbs / VIMS

A new study out this week has found that Virginia's barrier islands are moving. Nick Gilmore reports on what that means for the Eastern Shore.