Virginia Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court of Virginia heard arguments Tuesday from people hoping to block the removal of the Lee Monument from the former Capital of the Confederacy.

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The Supreme Court of Virginia is ending the eviction moratorium, a move that could spell trouble for people caught up in the economic crisis.

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Daily life has changed not just at restaurants and gyms. Much of the action in your local courthouse has also been postponed.

  The Virginia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the company developing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in a lawsuit against a woman who sought to keep surveyors off her property.

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Jason Clem is 12 years into a life sentence for a murder he committed when he was 16.

A nonprofit estimates there are 60 people like Clem in Virginia, serving a life sentence without hope of parole, for a crime they committed when they are under 18. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that’s unconstitutional.

But, so far, that's had little effect for those in Virginia.