Virginia Tech

The world is full of strange and indistinguishable sounds coming at us from all directions. But being able to tell where a noise is coming from, can mean the difference between life and death in dangerous situations.

Now, an evolving new field of study shows promise for better hearing in very noisy environments and avoiding danger among the din.

UAP's or Space Junk?

Jun 29, 2021

Human beings have long speculated, hoped, or feared that UFO's would one day show themselves. A new report confirms for the first time that what we now call UAP's are real, but that’s all they’re saying for now.

A new study finds that high quality early childhood education leads to actual changes in the brain, but those changes don’t actually show up until middle age.

In part two of our report on early childhood education, Robbie Harris talks with co-author and Virginia Tech professor Craig Ramey.  

Champions of the Soil

Jun 10, 2021

Southwest Virginia is known for its majestic mountains, but there’s a whole other landscape below the surface.  

The variety of colors and textures in soil and sand actually tell you a lot about their composition and potential uses, if you know how to ‘listen’ to the dirt. 

Thirty years after scientists began mapping human genome, we’re all familiar with the idea that our genes account for many of our physical characteristics.

Now, scientists at Virginia Tech have identified a new kind of gene, that plays a powerful role in when we sleep and when we don’t.