Virginia Tech

Southwest Virginia is rich with natural springs. People have long visited here for the mineral baths. But there’s also a long history of people who live here getting their drinking water from these natural springs.

But a new study finds 80% of springs surveyed are contaminated with potentially dangerous bacteria.


Science has shown that exposure to peaceful places in nature can improve our mental health, but a researcher at the University of Virginia is taking it one step further. She says spending time by bodies of water is especially helpful.

A small army of water rights advocates is holding a summit on water justice in Blacksburg June 1st and 2nd. They're looking to share skills and bring people together around what they call 'the human right that is water.' 

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Opponents of two natural gas pipelines in Virginia are vowing to continue fighting the projects, after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted its approval Friday evening.  

Virginia Tech

Two years ago, Virginia Tech researchers discovered dangerous levels of lead in Flint, Michigan’s drinking water. Now they’ve released what might be the final update from their water sampling project.