Women in Virginia do not make as much as their male counterparts. In fact, they’re falling below the national average.

Women Win Big in Virginia's Elections

Nov 14, 2017
Getty Images / The Washington Post

Although half of Americans are female, only about a quarter of state lawmakers are. Arizona and Vermont have the most women in office: 40%. And while Virginia is nowhere close to that, women did win big election night.

Women: "I'm Gonna Be an Engineer"

Oct 19, 2017

Even though a little more than half of all college students are female, in engineering they comprise just 20- percent of the class. Studies suggest it’s not that girls aren’t interested in the field.   There’s more to it than that. 

Women in the Field of Natural Resources

Oct 28, 2016

The advent of the first female, major party presidential candidate comes at a time when women are still under represented in other traditionally male dominated professions. For example, careers in natural resources, from forest rangers to firefighters, have long been the province, mostly, of men.   As Robbie Harris tells us, this weekend, Virginia Tech is holding what may be the first ever conference for “Women in Natural Resources” to make sure people know it’s a field that’s open to all.