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In 2011, WVTF Public Radio/Radio IQ launched the current collaboration known as Virginia Public Radio (VPR) with partners WAMU, WMRA and WHRV.  VPR’s mission is to provide daily news reports, breaking news coverage and solid journalism to citizens throughout the Commonwealth.  Four years later, we acquired the Virginia Public Media dot org web address to support “Virginia’s Public Radio.”

WVTF and Radio IQ serve hundreds of thousands of Virginians every week over our expansive station network with two streams of programming.  Our primary news station, Radio IQ, features award-winning local and regional news, as well as national and international news from NPR, the BBC, American Public Media and other providers.  We also feature classical, jazz and Americana music on stations known as WVTF Music.

If you’re just now discovering us, we invite you to find out more about our program schedules.

While we are a community service of Virginia Tech, 60% of our annual operating funds come from listeners just like you.  You can donate now to support the programming you love.  We also welcome corporate donors to support our programming.  Find out more about underwriting the programs you hear on Radio IQ or WVTF Music.